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Address_Locator_composite (GeocodeServer)

Service Description:

This geocode service was created from a composite address locator, which uses City of Austin's Street Centerlines and Address Points data (last update Feb 2020). The Address Point locator uses the General - Single Field locator style ([FULL_STREET_NAME] field) and has Enable Suggestions turned on. The Street Centerline locator uses the US Address - Dual Ranges locator style (fields outlined below - field names are indicated by []'s) and has Enable Suggestions turned on. From Left - [LEFT_FROM_ADDRESS] To Left - [LEFT_TO_ADDRESS] From Right - [RIGHT_FROM_ADDRESS] To Right - [RIGHT_TO_ADDRESS] Full Street Name - [FULL_STREET_NAME] Prefix Direction - [PREFIX_DIRECTION] Prefix Type - [PREFIX_TYPE] Street Name - [STREET_NAME] Suffix Type - [SUFFIX_TYPE] Suffix Direction - [SUFFIX_DIRECTION]

Address Fields: Single Line Address Field: Candidate Fields: Intersection Candidate Fields: Spatial Reference: 102739  (2277)

Locator Properties: Supported Operations:   Find Address Candidates   Reverse Geocode   Geocode Addresses   Suggest

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