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Public_Works/TxDOT_24HR_Annual_Avg_Daily_Traffic_AADT (MapServer)

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Service Description: The traffic stations at these locations collect short-term traffic count data to produce Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). The point layer contains combined traffic counts from mainlanes and frontage roads at one station displayed on the centerline of the roadway for the State of Texas. The data is created and maintained by the Transportation Planning and Programming (TPP) Division's Traffic section at TxDOT. Traffic counts are collected on an annual basis as a means of measuring the use of public roads in the state. AADTs are calculated using a volume count, axle factor, and seasonal factor. A general overview of the equation is AADT = axles * axle factor * seasonal factor. The data is sourced from the Statewide Traffic Analysis and Reporting System (STARS II). TNR GIS obtained this dataset from TxDOT 2022 and added Commissioner Precinct & Municipal Jurisdiction fields and populated them.

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Copyright Text: TxDOT - Transportation Planning & Programming - Traffic Section

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